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Article: Seasonal refresh to welcome in September

Seasonal refresh to welcome in September

Seasonal refresh to welcome in September

We’re always a little sorry to see summer go, but we have to admit, autumn is one of our favourite seasons at Henderson’s. There is such a fresh scent in the air, so much vibrant colour around - even if that does include deep shades of grey at times - as well as beautiful texture and constantly changing light. September feels like a fresh start, so this month we’re devoting it to an autumn refresh – it’s time to step into the new season.

As a drop in temperature brings a chill to the air, it makes sense to create a warm and welcoming interior. Choose an autumn palette – berry tones, oatmeal, sage green, warm browns and creams – that you can layer up through artisan hand crafted objects, faux botanical's and accessories to create a luxe look.

Autumn updates

As garden blooms fade, doorstep décor becomes more noticeable. A freshly painted door and a robust coir doormat set the tone from your home’s entrance. This season, when we are preparing for winter, it is also about those pieces that are so useful when the weather turns. Our belief is, just because something is practical, doesn’t mean it can’t look good too.

A case in point is our Iron Dachshund Bootscraper. Portable and practical, this little fellow is perfect for muddy boots and is bound to raise a smile. Our Cast Iron Boot Jack has a great vintage vibe and will help remove even the tightest of wellies.

One thing we always notice at home at this time of year is the collection of muddy wellies seemingly multiplying by the back door. Our new Rubber Boot Tray keeps halls and doorways clear and clutter free, with space for three pairs of welly boots on each wipe-clean mat, so will be used to tackle that.

For boot cleaning, our Boot Brush & Scraper, crafted from heavy gauge steel, is an ideal doorstep addition in autumn. The practical design features a long handle for the user to hold on to and keep their balance for cleaning as well as removing boots. 

Porch power

To pretty up porches and doorways, freshen up planters with a bit of autumn colour or greenery. Be guided by the interior style you like if you are choosing new pots or planters for outdoors and carry the same theme on outside. 

Our timeless barrel-shaped Dolly Tub Planter is a striking way to mark an entrance - either filled with topiary or bay for a contemporary look or a large fern or lavender plant if a rustic farmhouse/ cottage feel is more your style. 

Our striking Eloise Galvanized Urn is designed to make a statement with its generous size and bold style. Available in two sizes, it's perfect for a large autumnal doorstep display - dried, faux or fresh. 

We always have a lovely selection of weathered marble urns, which are wonderfully tactile with their beautifully aged patina. The classic proportions make them favourite decorative features indoors and out. They are impressive planted up outside, but look just as good indoors paired with Rustic Pillar Candles in autumn hues or faux botanicals.

Winter prep

Now is the time to prep gardens to help out feathered friends over the winter. Our rustic-style whitewashed Dovecote Style Birdhouse is made from reclaimed timber and features a lovely teardrop-pattern shingle roof. At feeding times, avian guests can hop onto our stylish Bempton Bird Feeder or popular metal Hanging Bird Feeder. Perfect for smaller birds, it has a pretty grey wash finish and two decorative birds perched beneath its roof, so brightens up gardens whether in use or not.

Start winter prep indoors now too. If you have an open fire or wood burner, this is the time to check the log basket is still up to the job. Always on display, log baskets come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s worth looking around for one that is the right size for your needs and that fits your home’s décor. 

Tactile touches

Our rattan log baskets are autumnal favourites - robust, handwoven pieces, with an attractive rustic appearance. The raw simplicity and texture that are so synonymous with these baskets go beyond the hearth - they work just as well for holding magazines, newspapers, candles and matches. Our Basket Planters are a fabulous addition to any interior plant styling and artisanal Ilala Baskets will add personality and warmth not only to a tablescape but wall too!

This is the time of year to reach for the candles and layer up that lovely, flickering candlelight glow for some peaceful me time or livelier home gatherings. Our beautiful new dining candle in autumn colours include beeswax, berry red, holly leaf and tangerine. Our Brass Framed Candlesticks make the perfect warming autumn partner, while our Glass Candlestick Vase does triple duty as it can be used for dinner candles, flipped over to hold tealights, or filled with water and used as a bud vase. Our rustic wall mounted Shepherds Hut Lantern is a lovely addition to a patio, porch or interior wall - perfect for our small rustic, pillar-shaped candles or Large Tea-Lights.

Seasonal scent

Don’t forget the importance of scent indoors. With delicately Scented Reeds and Scented Candles, you can fill your home with soothing, evocative, seasonal fragrances such as stem ginger, rosemary and eucalyptus, cedarwood, Moroccan rose and fig.

One of the quickest and easiest seasonal updates is to introduce faux botanicals to your home - Fill vases with everlasting foliage, berries and blooms that create a harmonious autumnal vibe bringing the outdoors in.

Incredibly realistic, these leaves and stems look stunning piled into a vessel on their own or used to give shape and add volume to larger arrangements. This seasons favourites include our stunning Damson Hydrangea, tall whimsical Woodland Fern Fronds which have a wonderful wild vibe, and architectural Banksia Stem with its glorious frosted pinky colour. Pair any of these, either as single stems or grouped together, with a tall vessel such as the Panobo Vase for a striking display that won’t droop, fade or have to be constantly refreshed.

It is often the small details that really bring out the best in our homes, the pieces that make us feel ‘at home’. And if there is ever a particular item you would love for your home or garden, please do contact us to see if our expert team can source it for you.

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