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Article: Simple suggestions to cosy up homes

Simple suggestions to cosy up homes

Simple suggestions to cosy up homes

This is the month to make your home as warm and welcoming as possible and create a sanctuary you can retreat to as the nights creep in. As we venture back inside and cosy up our homes for Autumn, it’s also a great opportunity to change up your decor, move things around and add a touch of newness here and there. 



Tactile finishes and neutral hues help to blur the boundaries between inside and out. Our new Sakura Table Lamp will bring a layer of warmth to a room and add tons of visual interest too. Giving off a warm diffused glow, the rustic style of this lamp gives a nod to the outdoors, while the simple, woven shade adds a contemporary twist. The perfect lamp for a console or side table, its unique style creating a focal point to any room. 

The ridged ceramic base of our Mirla Table Lamp also brings a sense of the outdoors in. Combining a beautifully textured base and large neutral shade, its muted tones make this an easy addition to any colour scheme or style. Pop on a console or side table next to an armchair and watch your space transform.

Introducing table lights with a tactile finish, such as wood, unglazed ceramic, glass and marble, adds an extra layer of interest to homes. Just one or two carefully chosen pieces will instantly elevate a room.


Candle Light

Candlelight has a huge impact in creating ambiance and a warm atmosphere. Don’t hold off for special occasions - introduce an enchanting twinkle to every room with candle votives, tealight holders and candlesticks.

Autumn colour itself is warm - enhance that sense with our Alia Star Votive with its subtle antiqued golden finish. The glass of the Kayla Candle Votive beautifully reflects every bit of flickering light.

For tables and mantles, the new Farah Candle Holder has maximum impact. Crafted from oxidized copper, these elegant holders have an antiqued finish with a lovely blue-green patina. Tall and striking, pair with our fluro Coloured Dining Candles for a pop of colour or our Rustic Dining Candles for a more muted style.

Create a dramatic tablescape with the handcrafted, wooden Nala Candle Holder. Bold curves and a unique bead detail create maximum impact as a centrepiece, or group three together on a mantle or side table – odd numbers always work well. Available in three sizes, they partner well with our Rustic Pillar Candles.

Don’t forget lanterns when it comes to candlelight options. Our Travelli Hurricane Lantern is crafted from laser-cut metal, which creates a beautiful, dappled light. A glass insert protects the flame from draughts, so it can be used indoors and out. Similarly, our Stone Base Hurricane Lantern can be used throughout the year as it will look as great on a garden table as it will inside. Available in 3 sizes, pair with a hand poured Rustic Pillar Candle in your favourite autumnal tone.


Reflected Light

Adding a mirror to your interior or garden will maximise any natural light during the day and reflect the flickering glow of candles at night. The Distressed Wooden Frame Mirror features a solid timber surround and beautifully patinated paintwork. In the style of an arched window, its shape magnifies the illusion of extra light and space. Place tall, flickering candles in front of it to double the impact of the dancing light.

Our Shuttered Garden Mirror is a lovely addition indoors as well as out, particularly when you want to maximise light in a shady space or create a zoned seating area within your garden. Position it where you can reflect unique or beautiful planting and it resembles a window onto your outdoor space.


Seasonal Colour

Bring a sense of the outdoors in with a nature inspired palette introduced through autumn botanicals. The Faux Catkin Branch has a gorgeous creamy hue and looks wonderful in our naturalistic Panobo Vase. Our frosted Faux Blueberry Spray is a new addition, full of texture it adds a sense of wild abundance to floral displays.

Add texture to autumnal bunches with our Faux Wild  Berry Stem, our tall stems of Eucalyptus transform any arrangement and Damson Hydrangea adds a dark, warming, exotic note: team any of our faux stems with foraged finds and windfall branches for a truly personalised look. 

Creating inviting spaces and living with comfortable décor doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul. We love the idea of building on what we already have, adding personal touches with special pieces that will last and really make your interior feel like home.
If you are looking for faux botanical colour inspiration to create an autumn tablescape, just let us know as we are always happy to advise either in store or by email. Sign up to our newsletter for regular tips and style updates.

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