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Article: How to create an outdoor space that feels perfect for you

How to create an outdoor space that feels perfect for you

How to create an outdoor space that feels perfect for you

Garden Furniture

July is one of the most special months to spend time in the garden. There is a holiday feel in the air, the sun is shining (hopefully), plants are in full bloom, and there is colour, scent and birdsong everywhere. 

Whether you have a small outdoor space or a garden large enough for a 12 seater hardwood table and chair set, spending time outside is guaranteed to relax, replenish and lift the spirits. Creating a space that you truly want to spend time in adds even more to the joy of being outdoors.  

Make it personal

The way you furnish your garden is a very personal choice. Frequent advice is to think of your outdoor space as an extension of the style you enjoy indoors. Be guided by your personal taste as much as by the type and age of property you live in - your garden style should be all about you, and what makes you happy and comfortable. There are, of course, other considerations, such as where the sun falls at certain times of the day, how much sun your garden gets, how big the space is, and whether you prefer lots of planting or filled pots. 

Regardless of how long you spend maintaining your outdoor space, it is vital to remember to take time out to simply enjoy being there. It doesn’t matter if things aren’t perfect, what does matter is that you have a space that brings joy, pleasure and you love spending time in. With that in mind, we have a few suggestions on how to style your garden to make the look and feel of any outdoor space as inviting, comfortable and joyful as possible.

Outdoor dining

Al fresco dining is an absolute pleasure. Whether you enjoy a solo sandwich or regularly host a gathering, the right outdoor furniture will elevate the experience. Our Folding Round Garden Table & Chairs Set is wonderfully sociable for seating up to four people, the round table being particularly easy to chat around. This weathered-naturally, pre-loved set is made from sustainable teak, so it can be left outdoors all year round, but it is also perfect for smaller spaces or occasional outdoor dining as the chairs and table all fold flat for storage.

In a more modern vein, our High Pedestal Table & Chair Set by Fermob is light and easy to move around, and can withstand tough weather conditions - even by the sea. The table has a weighted base, while shaped slats on the seats and backrests make the chairs extra comfortable. This set has such a vacation vibe, it simply feels like the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch or supper in the open air and is perfect for smaller spaces.

Seated comfortably

There are so many great garden seating ideas around, it can be hard to know where to start. A good idea is to be guided by the sun combined with when you have time to sit in your garden the most. If an early morning solitary coffee is ideal for you, look for something special, such as our Teak Garden Arbour, for that sunny spot and create a haven for that essential first coffee of the day. A garden bench against a warm stone wall or wooden fence might be all you require. Our Oak Garden Bench is a simple beauty with natural wood grain showing in a stunning handcrafted oak bench seat. Our Aged Companion Bench encourages someone to join you for that tea or coffee and offers a wonderful vintage style which is perfect for traditional, seaside or cottage-style garden schemes.

Decadent days

If you want something a little more decadent for an afternoon iced tea or evening sundowner, our Adirondack Armchair and Footrest hits the spot. A classic piece, it has wonderful wide armrests which are perfect for glasses (both the drinking and seeing variety), books and snacks as the sun goes down.  

For anyone who wants to make the absolute most of any summer sunshine, our Luxury Swing Bed Seat takes outdoor relaxation to a new level. With an adjustable backrest, removable side table, overhead canopy and an ingenious sliding mechanism that allows you to convert it to a flat bed, this really is the ultimate outdoor accessory. Why would you ever want to leave it?

Add pots, planters and statuary to personalise your space. A single item, such as our Hound Garden Statue, Vintage Stone Cat or Putti Figures will add character and make a space really yours. Add instant greenery using our Tuscan Wall-mounted Planter, which has a wonderful vintage feel, our Chantilley Wall Mirror will help maximise and bounce light around in smaller spaces, indoors or out, while faux plants and botanicals are perfect for an immediate styling solution - just in case those green fingers weren’t that successful. Remember to position any pots or accessories where they can be seen from your seating area, or use them to create a dedicated rest and relaxation space - perfect for spending as much time as you can outdoors this summer.

There are lots of ways to personalise a space and make it feel like ‘yours’. Please just get in touch if you need any help or advice, and enjoy the planning and styling process. Many of our pieces are one-off finds, which makes them truly special.

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