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Article: Hygge refresh for january

Hygge refresh for january

Hygge refresh for january

January can be a month to embrace and enjoy

Everyone knows January is tough. With festive bills to pay, short days and a lack of sunlight, combined with damp, chilly weather, it’s little wonder we can feel a bit fed up. But, as we ease into a new year, our advice is to make like the Nordics, who are well-practised at making the most of winter; embrace the concept of hygge and get outdoors in natural daylight as much as possible. 

The idea behind hygge is a simple and effective one - create a feeling of warmth, comfort and cosiness at home, and an atmosphere that makes it easy to relax. Keep things simple, focus on what makes you feel good and enjoy a home you love being in. 

Stylish suggestions

Refresh and rejuvenate your post-festive living space with easy updates that boost the comfort factor. Lighting is key at this time of the year - keep it warm and plentiful. Instead of reaching for overhead lights, turn to floor and table lamps such as our Sakura Table Lamp, which throw out soft, warming, pools of light.  

Candlelight is not just for Christmas - use it lavishly throughout winter to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Even the act of lighting a candle offers a simple moment of pleasure and sets the scene for a cosy, inviting, space where you can recharge. Anything from our Large Tealights, which come in clear or coloured cases, to our Macon Pillar Candles, in a range of gorgeous shades, help create a relaxed space.
Our beautiful glass Harlequin Candlesticks, available in green, blue, clear, and amethyst, reflect light and are perfect with bright Coloured Dining Candles or Rustic Dining Candles. Mix and match colours, or group the same shade together to create different looks. 

Texture also adds to a sense of warmth - look for decorative accessories and candleholders in tactile finishes, such as our Granite Tealight Holders or the Nala Candleholder, which is a handcrafted wooden piece with rounded bead detail. The Travelli Hurricane Lantern has a laser-cut finish, which casts beautiful, soft, speckled light. With a glass insert to protect the candle flame, this pretty hurricane lamp can be used indoors and out - a perfect multi-tasker. The eye-catching Glass Candle House does double duty too - ideal for candles or as an elegant terrarium to freshen any space.   

Scent of a new season

One of the most evocative senses - scent - has a huge impact on creating a relaxing space. Swap the more-indulgent scents of Christmas for uplifting fragrances to help with your fresh start. Our Walled Garden Tinned Candles pair flickering candlelight with gorgeous scents, including Wild Mint and Lemon Tree.

For a constant breath of fragrance, our Room Diffusers by True Grace are perfect. The scented reeds last up to 10 weeks, and you can choose from exhilarating Rosemary & Eucalyptus to warming Moroccan Rose or a refreshing wash of Seashore.  

Faux plants & stems

Updating plants and foliage is one of the easiest ways to revitalise interiors. Echo the seasonal shift from festive to fresh new year and give vases a boost with beautiful botanicals.

With a gorgeous mass of soft and delicate petals, our faux Hydrangea in a soft dusk hue is strikingly realistic and looks stunning in an earthenware vase such as the handcrafted Helga Clay Pot or tactile Totana Vase. For a wilder look, try the Faux Purple Melaleuca Spray, which is bound together in a cluster of flower heads and foliage. Pair either with foraged twigs and windfall for simple, interesting displays that catch the eye.  

Garden delights

It has been scientifically proven that getting outdoors, particularly spending time in nature, is hugely beneficial for both mental and physical wellbeing. Dress to keep warm and enjoy getting outdoors to embrace the season and all that nature has to offer, regardless of the weather. 

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, welcome feathered friends in with bird feeders, baths and nesters. Our Natural Nest Pocket is made from reeds and grasses to offer small garden birds, such as robins and blue tits, shelter from winter weather, as well as a safe spot to nest in spring. The Hanging Bird Table features a copper roof with a Verdigris finish and moss-green paintwork, which not only looks pretty, but provides a safe feeding space for small birds, while the Cast Iron Bird Dish can be filled with birdseed, or water for a bird bath.

The award-winning Window Bird Feeder, which is made from recyclable plastic,  can be mounted on any smooth window pane using its double-sided suction cup, allowing you to view feeding birds without disturbing them. 

Consider outdoor sculpture to add interest to the garden at a time of year when little grows, or add movement and interest with our Balancing Birds Wind Spinner. This beautiful garden ornament features a pair of birds in flight - moved by the wind - at one end of a pole, counterbalanced by a glass ball at the other. 

The beauty of creating a wonderful sense of hygge indoors, is that we appreciate it even more having been outside! For us, it is the comforting little details that make January feel not quite as difficult after all.  

Valentine's Day

As we look forwards, remember Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you are planning ahead, we have curated a Valentine's Day Collection, full of ideas to elevate your winter home. From vintage style metal garlands to heart shaped twig wreaths and colourful dining candles. We've also gathered gifts you'll adore, with scented candles, decorative accessories and (of course) beautiful faux botanicals that will last a lifetime!

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