Natural Nest Pocket

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This nesting pocket made from natural reeds and grasses offers small birds such as robins, wrens, blue tits and other nesting hole species, shelter from harsh weather in winter and a safe nesting spot in spring. 

Designed with a natural woven shell, the nester blends in with the garden and includes a built-in wire hanger to allow the roost pocket to be attached to branches, and concealed in a hedgerow or shrub's foliage where it can be a lifesaver for small birds in cold conditions, helping them maintain body heat.

A secondary application for the pocket is for small mammals like wood mice, harvest mice or even for domestic small mammals like hamsters and mice.

Note, colour may vary due to the natural material used to craft this product.

Dimensions: H27.5 x W11.5 x D10 cm

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