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Walled Garden Tinned Candle

Our Walled Garden tinned candles speak of utility and simplicity. With their well-fitting lids, they are perfect for travel or anywhere around the house.

The fragrances in this collection remind us of a well established Victorian walled garden and include new fragrances Greenhouse and Garden Rose, English Lavender, Lemon Tree, Stem Ginger, Vine Tomato and Wild Mint.

Made in the UK from natural wax by True Grace.

Height 8cm x Diameter 7.5cm
Wax fill 250g / 8.8oz
Burn Time Approximately 40 Hours
Fully recyclable packaging

Care: Trim your wick to 0.5cm before lighting. Keep wick trimmed to 0.5cm for each use thereafter. Light your candle for at least 2 hours (and no more than 4 hours) until the whole top is liquid with wax. This will help your candle burn more evenly the next time you light it.
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Walled Garden Tinned Candle Scented Candle Henderson's
Walled Garden Tinned Candle Sale price£22.00