Candle Holders & Candles

As the nights draw in, light the way to inviting spaces with candles for the home and patio.

On the table, pair candlesticks and hurricanes with our hand poured dining and beautifully coloured pillar candles to create a cozy atmosphere. Around the house, tiny tea lights in glass votives can be scattered for soft light in any corner. Outdoors, lanterns cast dancing light upon surfaces around the patio or entrance.


Our favourite candles from True Grace bring seasonal scents to every space. From warm, honeyed Stem Ginger and crisp fresh Orchard to the classic herbal mixture of woody rosemary with earthy and fresh eucalyptus, these saturated fragrances capture the best of the natural world this season. 


Illuminate your home in the soft glow of candlelight with lanterns for indoor and outdoor spaces. In the entryway or on the patio, lanterns are the perfect welcome for evening visitors. For a seasonal tone, add fresh botanicals such as eucalyptus inside a spacious glass lantern or hurricane, it will look beautiful and smell wonderful.


Set a candlelit table, brighten your mantel, or fill your windowsill with glowing candles. Our clean-burning Macon Pillar Candles offer the timeless glow of candlelight in beautiful rustic colours that complement candle holders and hurricanes.


On coffee tables and consoles, create a display with a collection of votive or tea light holders. With an aged metallic look, these glass votives look beautiful with flickering T-lights glowing from within.


Hand-poured and with a rustic finish, our Rustic Pillar Candles offer the timeless glow of candlelight in beautiful colours that complement heirloom candlesticks. For a modern alternative our elegant Dining Candles by True Grace are available in a selection of bold hues and are great when matched and mismatched to create a stunning centerpiece in the home.

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