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Article: Create your dream outdoor space with our top tips for garden accessories

Create your dream outdoor space with our top tips for garden accessories

Create your dream outdoor space with our top tips for garden accessories

Want to create an outdoor space you love? Garden accessories are the finishing touches to help you do just that. Regardless of whether you have a garden, patio, deck or balcony, there are simple ways to stamp your personality and create a beautiful space to enjoy

The magic of candlelight

Candles are a wonderful way to add atmosphere inside and out, but there is something special about flickering candlelight in an outdoor setting. Whether you opt for a single lantern or fill your garden, the effect will be mesmerising. 

Al fresco dining feels intimate and inviting with candlelight flickering in the dusk. Consider the size of your table - larger tables may be suitable for two or three candle holders down the centre, while a single, decorative holder will have more impact on a small table. 

Think outside the box

Garden steps, paths, windowsills and walls are also perfect for candlelight. Dot lanterns around the garden to add interest and atmosphere. A pathway lined with flickering lanterns will look quite magical. A new addition in store and online, our gorgeous Travelli Hurricane Lantern throws out a lovely speckled light. Set one or two of these tall lanterns on an outdoor table and enjoy the pretty dancing-light effect. 

Our Punched Lace Lantern is equally effective, adding a soft glow to table tops or window ledges for a magical look. Team with our Rustic Macon Pillar Candles, which come in a range of gorgeous muted shades and burn for ages.

Go for the glow

Glass candle holders add instant atmosphere. Our new Etched Laurel Candle Holder has a beautiful leaf pattern and holds our Rustic Macon Pillar Candles. With two sizes available, a mix of large and small holders creates an informal feel - stick with the same size for a more formal look. Match napkins and candle colours, and tie a ribbon in a complementary shade around a posy of flowers as a centrepiece, or on single stems as placeholders, for a themed look.  

Equally effective for an ambient glow, our new Phoebe LED Lamp is battery operated and perfect for a table top or to add a sense of occasion to patios and pergolas. Ideal for lighting up dark corners indoors, this lamp works really well outside too. Made from glass, the Phoebe Lamp is available in two sizes and adds a beautiful subtle glow to evenings outdoors.

Create an appetite for al fresco dining

Plants, flowers and foliage - real or faux instantly pretty up an outdoor table. Our Honey Bracelet Haze is ideal for informal tables, with a light feathery look and fronds that sway gently in the breeze; display in a Massin Vase for a pretty cottagecore vibe.

For something more dramatic, elegant Faux White Alliums are perfect. Our faux flowers and foliage look incredibly realistic and, unlike fresh blooms, they will last and last. You can use them indoors and out, pair with different blooms or greenery, and create a new look every time.

Daytime tables look welcoming with simple decoration. Plant up one of our Small Goblet Shaped Planters with trailing geraniums or leafy foliage for quick and easy impact. The pretty dusky pink of this planter creates a lovely Mediterranean feel

Enjoy a spot of sculpture

Sculpture is a fantastic way to make you pause to enjoy your garden. Position a piece round a corner, at the end of a path or through a gateway to add an element of surprise. Or place next to a small pond and enjoy the reflection your sculpture creates. 

Use stone or cast-iron ornaments in the garden. These materials age beautifully, developing their own unique patina and weathered look. Moss and lichen will simply enhance them over time, firmly bedding them into their natural setting. 

Our collection of statuary and stoneware is ever changing, but the right piece is often the perfect finishing touch for an outdoor space. Add wow factor with our graceful stone Putti Figure, which looks wonderful in a conservatory or orangery. Staddle Stones are treasures from our agricultural heritage; the beauty of these architectural pieces is their wonderful aged patina and unique shape. Each stone is one of a kind - perfect to really personalise a space. 

Animal statuary is a great way to add personality. Our Seated Hound Statue will quietly guard a front door or gate, or sit placidly by a patio. The Cast Iron Piglet is a quirky addition to outdoor spaces: available in three sizes, the littlest one can perch on plant pots, while the larger two create real impact nestled in flowerbeds or peeking out from borders.

There are lots of options when it comes to creating an outdoor space that suits you. Enjoy making a garden your own. And if there is something you’ve always wanted to find, we offer a sourcing service that could dig up just what youre looking for.

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