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Article: Top tips to create a cosy home vibe

Top tips to create a cosy home vibe

Top tips to create a cosy home vibe

Most people have heard the term ‘hygge’, which perfectly sums up the idea of cosy comfort and conviviality. Part of Danish culture, the word actually originates from old Norwegian and means something close to ‘well-being’

‘Coorie’, meaning ‘to snuggle or nestle’, has been adopted in Scotland as an equivalent to the Scandinavian concept of hygge, and is seen as a way of life that engenders a feeling of contentment and well-being.

Whatever word you prefer, we are all about creating environments that make us feel happy, well, cosy and contented - particularly as the nights draw in and winter knocks at the door. With that in mind, we share a few ideas here on how to cosy up homes and help you create a nurturing environment that allows you to relax, recharge and enjoy the space around you.

Rustic appeal

If you are lucky enough to have an open fire or wood-burning stove, it can become the heart of the home during colder months.
Beautifully textured, handwoven rattan log baskets are great for storing wood and kindling alongside, but they also add to a sense of warmth and cosiness, even when a fire isn’t lit.

Our log baskets are incredibly popular and range from our square Rattan Log Basket With Curved Body to the more-compact, Rectangular Log Storage BasketThere is a super large rectangular option that is perfect for rural homes as well as a round Rattan Log Basket with Handles that works well in smaller spaces. 

Rattan is a warm, tactile material that works equally well in country-style or contemporary urban homes. If you don’t need a pile of logs, our smaller baskets are perfect for storing candles and boxes of long matches to see you through winter evenings. Or fill them with magazines, cosy throws and blankets for when you want to curl up indoors and listen to the wind howling outside.

Blanket coverage

Our beautiful range of sustainable, Recycled Wool Fringe Blankets keep any chills at bay. Available in five classic tartan checks, they are made for snuggling under, and their colours add to the sense of warmth even when they are draped over a sofa back, spread over a bed or rolled up in a rattan basket. 

Sheepskin rugs are perfect for cosying up with and are really versatile. Beautiful underfoot, they work just as well draped over chairs, sofas and beds, or to soften wooden bench seats or hard dining chairs. They bring a softness to rooms and have that tactile quality that makes you want to reach out and touch them.

Visual warmth

Creating warmth doesn’t just mean cranking up the heating or snuggling under a blanket - there are a few simple visual tricks that make a room appear warm. Add warming touches of autumn colour with accessories in natural materials, woolen blankets and throws, tactile textiles and the warm glow of candlelight.

Give a little more thought to lighting throughout autumn and winter. A couple of extra lamps such as our Hue Table Lamp or Phoebe LED Lamp will create pools of light that add to a sense of warmth.

Candlelight is another lovely way to visually warm a space and create an inviting, welcoming atmosphere. There may be a sense of celebration about lighting candles, but don’t save them for special occasions, use them throughout winter to create a relaxing space. 

Light up your life 

Statement candleholders such as
the Frond Candelabra, create a focal point as well as adding to the sense of warmth. This elegant piece casts flickering candlelight on mantels or tables, its delicate fern fronds supporting two tall candles. Switch up the look by choosing slim Coloured Dining Candles or the more informal Rustic Candle Bundle.

For a bolder style, the Hortus Candleholder is perfect as a centerpiece or at either end of a mantelpiece. Team with chunky Rustic Macon Pillar Candles, which come in nine gorgeous shades, ranging from dusky rose to olive, and burn for absolutely ages. 

Tealights are a wonderful way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Perfect for cosying up dark corners, they work really well when grouped together. Particularly effective are glass, reflective or laser-cut votives and tealight holders, which all bounce flickering light around 

The gorgeous antiqued glass Vega Candle Votive comes in two shades, antique mocha and antique white, and creates a dancing light effect. Equally effective lined up on a dinner table or clustered in groups on a side table, shelf or windowsill, the votives can be dotted around the home from hallway to bathroom, to create a cosy glow throughout.

Sensory experience

Don’t overlook the importance of fragrance when it comes to creating atmosphere and cosying up homes. Scent is incredibly soothing, memorable and uplifting, so think about adding scented candles to rooms, or choose a room diffuser and fill your home with the scent of the season - the classic herbal mixture of woody Rosemary & Eucalyptus, available in our True Grace Boxed Candle and fragrant Room Diffuser range.

Bring a touch of the outside in when styling for autumn and winter with faux botanicals and foliage, which last for ages and can be mixed in with natural, foraged branches and greenery to bulk bunches out and create an impressive display. Faux foliage is very effective for dressing a special occasion table - a couple of Autumn Berry Branches look wonderful teamed with Vega Votives down the centre of a table.

Opt for tall stems in seasonal colours such as the gorgeous arched Amarinthe Orchid, the rich-toned Damson Hydrangea, the gentle, pink-hued Veronica or the architectural Banksia Stem for a stylist-worthy display. Eucalyptus is perfect for this time of year - actually, we’re prone to a Eucalyptus Stem at any time of year - and we dare you not to want to reach out and touch the Honey Bracelet Haze or Dahlia Hazel when you see it.

Faux foliage is incredibly versatile: use it combined with fresh flowers to fill out and add extra interest to a bouquet, or use on its own to add a ‘just-gathered’ seasonal touch to homes that won’t shrivel up and fade. Display in a rustic-style vase such as our popular Massin, earthy Giulio or wood-effect Panobo for maximum impact. The natural tones help to evoke a sense of relaxed, cosy well-being.

If you team natural shades, tones and colours with sumptuous fabrics and tactile materials, throw in a bit of atmospheric light and a welcoming scent, you can quickly and easily create a home that will nurture and nourish you throughout winter. The addition of a glass or two of delicious mulled wine is optional, but highly recommended for full comfort factor! 

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