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Shesali Bird Nester

This medium sized, oval shaped artisan bird nester is perfect for species of small garden bird who roost alone or in a pair.

Crafted with a sturdy inner frame for support, strong metal hooks at the rear, and a long loop at the top ensures the nester can be fastened securely in a bush, tree or hedge.

The nester has a small round entrance reinforced with steel. It is also slightly protruding to make it easy for birds to land and perch on.

Position the bird nester in a sheltered space to keep out harsh weather. Preferably face the bird nester between North and South-East. A warm, protected roosting space out of the prevailing wind can be a lifesaver for small birds during cold, harsh weather conditions.

Please Note: Each of these bird nesters are handmade using recycled sari fabrics, therefore each is different and unique. The colours will vary to the photograph on the website.

This Fair Trade product helps both wildlife and people. In addition to giving a bird a nest you’ll be supporting the Artisan workers in Southern Bangladesh who make them. Funding the survival of many women and their families from rural communities in desperate poverty.

Dimensions: H21 x D11.5 x W13 cm


Sale price£19.99