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Article: Treat your home to a joyful bouquet of faux florals with our easy styling tips

Treat your home to a joyful bouquet of faux florals with our easy styling tips

Treat your home to a joyful bouquet of faux florals with our easy styling tips

You don’t need green fingers or a degree in design to create beautiful bouquets to brighten your home – elegant faux botanicals are the easy, no-maintenance way to bring a touch of the outside in.

Forget the tacky fake plants of old, today’s faux florals are beautifully crafted, incredibly realistic and the perfect interiors accessory. Faux plants may have had a bad rap in the past, largely because they didn’t look real at all, but both design and materials have come a long way.

Aside from looking fantastic – faux botanicals are frequently used by interior designers and stylists, and pop up on tablescapes on Instagram and Pinterest all the time - faux blooms are long lasting. They are also hypoallergenic, which can be a welcome relief for hay fever sufferers. 

Seasonal winner

With faux flowers you can enjoy seasonal blooms regardless of the time of year - peony lovers don’t have to wait until early summer, our blousy peonies are available year round and last and last. And with no watering or vase water to change, our faux beauties require very little maintenance; a quick blast from a hairdryer on a low setting shifts dust, or a wipe down with a damp cloth.

Faux plants, flowers and foliage can live anywhere and are fantastic for dull, dark corners that don’t get much light. Orchids have a calming, zen-like feel, which is great for minimal, classic and neutral schemes; greenery works really well in bathrooms; while branching Woodland Fern fronds teamed with beautiful Yellow Oncidium stems create a stunning focal point, full of texture and interest. 

Statement pieces

Give statement arrangements a bit of space in hallways or large dining rooms, and you can swap different stems in and out of arrangement to change the look and keep things interesting. Play with scale and proportion - a tall vase does not have to be paired with thin willowy stems. Terracotta or glazed pots, or something like our Massin or Giulio vases, look fantastic and are great for hiding stems. 

Treat faux stems as you would fresh flowers; cut them to size with secateurs to suit your vase. And don’t hesitate to mix faux with fresh, adding windfall branches and stems creates a wonderfully wild, foraged look. A mass of the same foliage or flower can have more impact than a mixed bouquet of greenery and blooms. 

Botanical beauties

The secret is to stick with blooms you love and the result will look fantastic; it will reflect your taste, which will make you happy every time you see it. If you’re looking for inspiration to get you started, we have made suggestions of a few of our favourite botanical combinations. Whether you are looking for wild and whimsical, bold and architectural, or elegantly stylish, we have something for you.  

Rununculas, asplenium, boxwood and wild berries

Green and white is a fresh, classic, colour combination that works well anywhere. Team delicately coloured Ranunculus stems with a lustrous green Asplenium Fern spray, add in a green cloud of faux Boxwood and finish off with a Faux Wild Berry StemRanunculus BunchRununcular, asplenium, boxwood, wild berry stem 

Amaryllis, monstera, boxwood, wild berries

Our faux Amaryllis has a long stem topped with a wonderful cluster of white flowers – a complete scene stealer – team with Monstera Leaves, Boxwood and a Wild Green Berry Stem for a lavish, elegant look that isn’t too polished.Amaryllis BouquetAmaryllis, monstera, boxwood, wild berry stem 

Yellow orchid, boxwood, wild berries, moss hydrangea

Add depth and interest to any bouquet with our stunning Oncidium Orchid, which has an elegant arch to it. Add Boxwood, a Wild Berry Stem and the subtle shades of our Moss Green Hydrangea for a vibrant, well-balanced, display. Yellow OrchidYellow orchid, boxwood, wild berry stem, moss hydrangea  

Eucalyptus ruby, asplenium, wild berries

For a dramatic shot of colour and texture, team the beautiful and incredibly versatile Eucalyptus Ruby with dusky green Asplenium and a wonderfully contrasting deep blue Wild Berry Stem.Eucalyptus RubyEucalyptus ruby, asplenium, wild berry stem 

Olive hydrangea, asplenium, Veronica, winter berries, honey bracelet haze

Our Olive Hydrangea adds amazing shape and volume to a bouquet. Try teaming with Asplenium Fern spray, pink-hued Veronica, a green Frosted Berries stem and the delightful feathery Honey Bracelet Haze.Olive HydrangeaOlive hydrangea, asplenium, veronica, frosted berries, honey bracelet haze  

Magnolia, asplenium, blueberry spray

Our soft, white Magnolia stems take centre stage in this light, beautiful, bouquet. Team with Asplenium Fern leaves and our glorious Blueberry Spray for a fresh, wild, foraged look. Magnolia BunchMagnolia, asplenium, blueberry spray 

If you want to keep life as simple as possible, but create just as much impact, lots of our stems make a wonderful statement on their own. With no arranging necessary, grouping either Eucalyptus, Catkin, or Hydrangea Paniculata together in bunches is enough to create a statement bouquet.  

We keep lots of stems in store, so feel free to pop in with any queries if you are nearby.

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