Bocca Sofa from the V&A Exhibition 'Surreal Things'

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This eye-catching preloved ‘Bocca’, or Lips Sofa, was one of a small number used in the main entrance of the V&A London, to promote the blockbuster exhibition 'Surreal Things' in 2007.

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s 1935 surrealist portrait of Mae West, the Bocca Sofa was first conceived in 1971, by Italian Furniture Company Gufram, and has been a modern icon of artistic endeavor and innovative interiors ever since.

This unique piece of furniture, suitable for interior or exterior use, oozes wow factor and encapsulates the spirit of pop art that pervaded through the ‘70s. Molded into a pair of glamorous Hollywood style lips, the Bocca lips sofa is at once fun and feminine, rendered in this stunning shade of Barbie pink. Its scale and sculptural form is just wonderful!

Note there are a couple of surface scuffs on the outer edge of the sofa- see pictures.

Dimensions: W210 x D80 x H80 cm

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