Large Bempton Bird Table

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Our Large Bempton Bird Table is a wall-mounted bird table designed to attract a wide range of small to medium bird species. Handcrafted from FSC certified timber from sustainably managed forests, it features decorative woodwork in a painted green finish, with a real Verdigris copper roof.

Unlike most bird tables which are tricky to clean and become messy, our large Bempton has a clever detachable side panel and re-cycled plastic tray which lifts out for easy cleaning. This also gives access to the inside edges of the bird table to be brushed out, removing any old food that may harbour bacteria. 

The balustrade of latticework and arches around the Bempton provide a restricted height, safe area for smaller birds to feed. This space limitation makes life difficult for predatory sparrow hawks whose habit is to target small birds on open feeder tables.

Dimensions: H40 x D27 x W27 cm

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