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Article: Simple solutions for an instant garden décor update

Simple solutions for an instant garden décor update

Simple solutions for an instant garden décor update

'Is there a quick and easy way to improve the look of my garden?’ is a question we are frequently asked. And the answer is, ‘Yes, simply treat your outdoor space to a few well-chosen pots and planters.’

Obviously, it helps if those pots and planters are spilling over with sweetly scented flora and lush greenery. But even during less-bountiful gardening months, pots and planters add texture, interest, and character to garden décor. From patio styling to container garden looks, the addition of a decorative garden planter is one of the easiest ways to personalise a space, creating a garden unique to you that is a joy to spend time in.  

Unique garden finds

From one-off items such as vintage urns, original stone sinks and agricultural troughs, through to timeless terracotta pots packed with rustic appeal, there is something to transform every outdoor space, large or small.  As with indoor décor, be guided by the age and style of your property. Consider your interior style and use it as a basis for an outdoor space you are happy and comfortable with. Approaching your outdoor space in a similar way you would indoor décor, creates a cohesive look that runs from the inside out.  

Country garden style

Statuary, ponds, borders, terraces, and lavish pots are all elements of English country garden style. Whether you have sweeping borders and impressive structures or not, it is a style that works beautifully in any size of garden. 

Garden urns are a wonderful way to add impact to this style, designating areas or breaking up lawns or borders to create  interest. They look fantastic planted up, but marble or stone urns work just as well used as decorative pieces set against a backdrop of flowers, gently swaying grasses, foliage, or a painted wall or fence.  

Vintage vibes

Vintage stone urns have a glorious aged patina and the weathered look stands out beautifully against colour or greenery. Place a pair of vintage garden urns on either side of a path, doorway, pergola, or gate, to create a focal point. Or position a pair at the end of a path, using them as a feature to draw the gaze down and through the garden.

We currently have a pair of Elevated Stone Urns with scalloped bowls, which are perfect for trailing plants, and bring elegance to any space. Our small Vintage Marble Urn offers an alternative to stone, but has an equally attractive weathered finish and aged patina. Smaller urns look fantastic when planted up, with lots of impact. They also work well as decorative centrepieces for an al fresco tablescape. 

For something truly unique, our Vintage Garden Swan Planter is a real head-turner. Heavy and sturdy with a generous planting space, this elegant piece looks wonderful beside a small garden pond, water feature or by a garden entrance.

Contemporary concrete  

For more contemporary styling, concrete planters are a fantastic option, their pale grey patina pairing beautifully with an array of different planting styles, from kitchen garden to wild prairie combinations.

We have two Reclaimed Concrete Cube Planters available. Naturally weathered with age, these pre-loved planters enhance a bold, architectural style. Equally suited to wild, meadow-inspired botanicals such as feathery grasses and Echinacea, an architectural shape like this looks fantastic with more minimalist groupings such as Japanese maple and boxwood. 

Mediterranean magic

Nothing suggests Mediterranean style more than a terracotta pot, and we have lots of options to suit all styles and budgets. Our Large Terracotta Plant Pots have an earthy, aged finish that works in traditional, rustic, and contemporary gardens. Available in three sizes, mix and match for a more informal display. 

Our tactile Terracotta Bowl Planter is a great option for ferns or succulents, and looks striking on terraces and patios. Garden steps offer a pretty spot to display plants in small terracotta planters. Or group a few by the back door and fill with ready-to-use herbs. Unsightly areas can be given a new lease of life with the addition of different sized and shaped planters grouped together to draw the eye.

Decks, pergolas, and patios are the perfect spot for eye-catching pots and planters. Our rustic-style Campo Planter is made from a clay-terracotta mix and is a beautiful variation on the traditional long shape. Our new ribbed Wampu Plant Pots have a soft pinky hue, which works perfectly with lush green foliage. Handmade in Vietnam using a traditional coiling technique, the timeless earthy colour and tactile nature of these pots is well suited to any garden space.

Forgotten spaces

When updating garden décor, don’t forget windowsills and ledges. Our zinc-plated Steel Window Box has an elegant, rectangular shape, which can be planted up with flowers, fresh herbs, or trailing foliage.  

And remember to look up! Our new Caged Hanging Planters have a wonderful industrial feel for a modern take on the traditional hanging basket. The rust-coloured cage offers support to the plants, while the aged zinc finish adds elegance. Natural weathering will age this finish beautifully over time, further adding to the charm. These look fantastic hanging from pergola beams.

Whether you prefer a contemporary setting or love the vintage look, stick to one style to give your outdoor space a planned, cohesive look. Being guided by the style you love will help you build the personality of your garden over time. Our most-important recommendation? Embrace and enjoy any outdoor space!

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