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Article: Festive Decor & Finishing Touches

Festive Decor & Finishing Touches

Festive Decor & Finishing Touches

Make Christmas decorating fun with pretty tablescapes, paper trees and retro snowflakes


Christmas decorating should be one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday, but all too often we worry about getting it ‘right’. Whether you prefer a full-blown maximalist style or lean towards a more minimalist, pared-back look, our suggestions will help you tap into your creativity and transform your home into a lovely Christmassy space without the stress.

Fabulous foliage

Nothing says ‘winter wonderland’ more than wreaths and foliage. Originally a representation of faith, the circular shape and the evergreen materials often used to make a wreath also represent eternal life. Whether you choose one for symbolic or decorative purposes, they are very much a part of festive styling. Forget too-shiny leaves and overly red berries, faux wreaths these days are stylish and sophisticated, and they last beautifully year after year.

Take inspiration from the bold, rich and colourful tones of Mother Nature and bring a touch of the outdoors in with our stunning Mixed Succulent Wreath, which is an incredibly realistic circle of faux succulents. A lovely informal style, it features intricate tendrils and sprouting sempervivum to add colour, texture and interest. The Forest Pine Wreath adds a hint of the woodland with faux pine branches and cones and a dusting of frosted snow, while the Highland Wreath is a gorgeous wintry woodland cone wreath made up of dried Scots Pine and Fir cones.  

Berries and branches

Bring foraged finds into every room in the house with pine branches in vases and cones piled in bowls to keep that connection with nature and the outdoors. Introduce faux botanicals in the shape of stems, berries and branches to add a lovely woodland feel to mantels, tables and windowsills. Our Autumn Berry Branch looks fantastic as part of a floral display or can be laid across a mantelpiece or table. It adds a pop of red and a naturalistic, foraged feel. The Red Berry & Eucalyptus Garland is perfect for shelves or tabletops to bring a touch of the outside in. Add texture and interest with Frosted Berry stems, which have great impact on their own or lend a lovely chalky green tone when mixed with flowers or foliage.

Candlelight and lanterns

For us, candles and their wonderful warm glow are a must at any time of the year, but candlelight helps create an especially warm and welcoming atmosphere at Christmas. Add everything from tealights in twinkling votives to dinner candles in candlesticks and group pillar candles together for maximum impact. Our Walled Garden Tinned Candle in Stem Ginger adds a lovely, rich scent at this time of year.

Full of vintage charm, the new Scandinavian Christmas Tree Lantern is the perfect way to light up patios, doorsteps, a porch or hearth. Fill hallways with candlelight to greet guests using our Candle Tray with Leaves, which is crafted from metal with a beautifully aged brass finish. Choose a colour theme for candles and stick with it throughout your home for a sense of continuity - our Macon Rustic Pillar Candles are available in traditional red or white, but there are some lovely alternatives, such as dusky rose or coal, that add a more contemporary edge to decor. The Frond Candleholder is an elegant option with its layered fern leaf design, while the Hortus Candleholder adds a sense of drama to a mantelpiece. Place faux botanicals or berry branches around the base for added interest. 

Table hopping

Tablescaping, the art of decorating a table, comes into its own at this time of year and both foliage and candles can be used to great effect. Faux Eucalyptus Stems and Dwarf Pine Branches are especially eye-catching teamed with lots of candles. Decorating a table is very much down to personal choice. Informal mix and match tableware works just as well as a perfectly paired elegant setting - the key is to choose one or the other. Our antique gold Filigree Candle Tray works well with both styles, teamed with tall Rustic Dining Candles. Equally effective is a table lined with a row of antique champagne Floret Candle Votives, which allow the candlelight to flicker and create a warm glow, while the Etched Laurel Candleholder in clear glass works with pillar candles to add elegance. Our amber-coloured paper Pleated Christmas Tree decorations look really effective grouped in threes or in a line down the centre of the dining table. Intersperse with candles for a lovely warm reflection and Vintage Paper Snowflakes add a magical touch hanging from ceilings, lampshades, mantles or banisters.

 Finishing touches

Group baubles, candles, pine cones or small plants on our burnished gold Oreo Tray. Rustic and organic, candlelight will dance across it adding to a sense of warmth, which is perfect for creating visual interest in a hallway or overlooked corner.  

Adding hints of decor throughout your home including greenery and a few pretty votives to hallways and spaces that are less used than main rooms - creates cohesion and pulls a scheme together, giving the sense of a warm and welcoming space throughout 

We look forward to helping and advising on festive styling in any way we can, just email or pop into the shop with any questions. Our last online standard delivery date is Wednesday 15th December, while Click & Collect is Wednesday 22nd December.

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