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Article: Easy steps to make home look and feel warmer this autumn

Easy steps to make home look and feel warmer this autumn

Easy steps to make home look and feel warmer this autumn

This autumn, we celebrate our 10th birthday here at Henderson’s

We started the business in November 2010, and with all the changes that have taken place over the last few months, it's made us take stock a little, think about where we are and what we want to do next. Starting this online journal is just one way we want to share our thoughts, updates and ideas, which, we hope, will interest and inspire you. Our focus has always been on personalised and individual customer service, and we hope that sharing news, creative tips and styling ideas, as well as gardens and home inspiration, will add an extra element to that service.

A recent photoshoot in the shop to update our online products sparked an idea. We were playing around with our vases, planters, candles and holders, and faux botanicals to create different looks. At the time, an extra-large garden table, which had been specially sourced and was awaiting collection, was in the middle of the shop, providing an ideal backdrop.

Getting creative

Photographing one of our marble urns, we noticed just how impressive it looked on the table. We lined three up, filled them with dried moss, popped one of our Maroc candles in each and they looked fantastic. Sometimes, just switching things up a little, or trying something in a different way leads to unexpectedly good results. 

We love this styling idea for console tables, playing with scale and expectation, and it works brilliantly for Christmas decor too. Team a moss-filled vase, planter or urn with a candle and sit amongst a selection of our bold red Autumn Berry Branches or clean white Winter Berry Branches to create a beautiful wintry look.

 Visual tricks to warm a room

Now is also the time of year to think about warming up indoor spaces. As well as ramping up the heating, or lighting the first fire of the season, there are a few visual tricks that work to ‘warm’ a space too. Simple things, such as introducing warmer tones, candlelight and rustic materials, will all help to create a sense of warmth. 

 Our beautiful, tactile, rattan baskets aren’t just for log storage - they are perfect for keeping cosy winter throws to hand, just ready to snuggle under with a good book on cold, dark winter nights.  

Go wild with foliage

Faux botanicals also work beautifully to add muted colour and a sense of warmth to rooms. Our Pampas grass and Teasel Stems are both fantastically eye-catching and tactile; pop them in an earthenware vase for a natural look.

 Enjoy the calming effect of candlelight

Candlelight doesn’t only look pretty, it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the low light level has a calming effect, helping us to switch off and relax. Our pretty Diamond Cut Tealight Holders let the flames flicker and dance through the glass, perfect for adding warmth and light to cold, dark corners, or grouped together on a table or mantelpiece.

 Tables and mantels are obvious places for placing candles, but if you want to create a real focal point, our Pina Wall Sconce ticks the box. Easy to fix to a wall, a pair of these will create a banquet feel in dining spaces, or a wonderfully decadent feel to a bedroom or bathroom. 

Don’t just think about main living spaces when it comes to candlelight - a strategically placed candle will give any area a bit of a lift. Hallways, for example, can be easily forgotten spaces, especially in the darker, winter months. Sit one of our Zinc Candle Holders, which holds four candles, on a console table or shelf and transform a cold, dark space into one full of warm, flickering light. Use plain white candles for a pared-back Scandi look, or make more of a statement with our bright and beautiful dining candles.

 Let there be light

Our large metal floor lanterns add a warm light and create a focal point in any room, including those often-forgotten spaces such as hallways, front porches and conservatories. Team them with our super chunky Maroc candles – which burn for hours – and create a warm, welcoming space for anyone coming in from the cold. 

Thinking a little bit outside the box helps add fun and interest to living spaces - and will help brighten up the winter months ahead.

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Do you still do the large candles ? They are gorgeous hope so x

angela halliwell

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