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Outdoor planters are a beautiful way to enhance the character of your home. Choosing the right one can completely set the theme and style of your garden. Whether you want to subtly complement your property’s features or create a striking focal point, a well-chosen, beautifully planted pot is the key to success.

This season we have a variety of pots and planters, many of which are one off vintage finds. Whilst we continually source unique and unusual pieces we also offer a range of contemporary modern styles, available in a variety of shapes and sizes… but which is right for you? The answer lies in what you’re trying to achieve.

Any planting that makes a strong and immediate visual impact will heighten the drama of a garden. A well positioned pot will provide an eye catching individual feature and attract the most attention. Any large or medium sized planter can be used for extravagant planting to create a striking feature – large terracotta pots and stone urns all lend themselves perfectly.

Timeless planters are the perfect way to dress the entrance to your property or garden. Placed at focal points they draw the eye; paired, they form a frame; repeated at regular intervals, they establish a rhythm. Single urns, especially when mounted on a base make impressive centerpieces and a strong focal point in a more formal setting. A pair of large pots are ideal for flanking a doorway, while formality can also be achieved in a large trough with topiary and other architectural planting.

The best informal arrangements look as though they have happened quite by chance. Introduce variety in the shape and size of containers that you choose – a large container surrounded by a flock of small ones creates a pleasing hen and chicks effect. Alternatively, prairie style planting can create an informal yet modern air to a contemporary planter – mass blocks of wispy grass can be dramatic and have an architectural and contemporary quality yet underpin a less formal style.

Pots and planters can freshen and enliven a garden, be a feature, a backdrop or even a screen. They can take on a formal air or evoke memories of the countryside. Used singly or grouped together, they will transform a terrace, bring life to doorways and steps, or form an entire garden on a balcony or windowsill.

Whether you want to line a pathway with architectural plants, add wow factor with topiary or create a container garden for your kitchen herbs, we have plenty of styles, shapes and sizes to inspire your imagination. You can find more detailed information on all our URNS, PLANTERS & POTS by visiting our website or come and visit us in Melrose!


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