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Structure and height is a must in any garden if you’re to create a space of interest and character. Our metal obelisks and supports in raw steel, provide a foundation for climbing plants and blooming perennials. Mounted metal trellises can also be used to enliven an empty wall, offering the perfect home for clematis, wisteria, ivy, or climbing roses.

obelisk flared support trellis

With a classic shape, these tall, elegant, untreated metal structures are decorative and practical supports for climbing plants. Made from tough tubular steel, they provide sturdy support for climbers in the growing season and add interest to bare borders in the colder months.

Designed with a gentle flare for a natural look, these stylish structures will support your plants effortlessly. Crafted in raw steel, they will age naturally in the garden, creating a charming worn effect. Designed to keep upright perennials and arching shrubs in shape, the sturdy trumpet-shaped frame helps contain plants that bush outwards, stopping them encroaching on pathways and spilling onto lawns. As the plant grows, foliage will almost completely cover the support, making the plant look naturally neat and compact. Ideal for supporting peonies, delphiniums and hydrangeas.

Our elegant arched trellis has been designed for use against a wall or in a large container. Handcrafted in raw steel, it will age gracefully for a charming worn effect and features a simple criss-crossed arched design. Perfect for creating a natural screen or breaking up empty wall space in your garden, this latticework trellis is ideal for all your favorite climbers and roses.

Structures also add visual interest to container planting. Grow sweet peas in a pot up a decorative obelisk=, or pair a spacious trough planter with an arched garden trellis. These architectural combinations offer a fresh way to enhance your favorite planters and add character to your garden.

As always we look forward to welcoming you in store where you can view our full range. Happy gardening!


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