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Some say that spring is the time to refresh the home, but I think winter is the season to show your living space some love. Things always feel a little ho-hum after the festive décor is packed away, and we’re spending more hours inside than ever — what better time to transform it into the cosiest most relaxing place it can possibly be?

Too often we think about how a space functions and forget about the emotional experience, but a space needs to appeal on many different levels. How it looks, feels and smells should excite and stimulate the senses the second you walk through the door. Here are a few of my favourite ways to refresh and revive every area of the house and brighten dark winter days…

Scent is one of the most evocative of all the senses – we don’t always notice it, but it will bring out a positive response in us and can make the biggest difference to how happy you feel in your home. Scented candles enliven a room and gently scent it even when they’re not lit. One of my favourite fragrances I have discovered is Rosemary & Eucalyptus by True Grace (which we stock in store). A classic exhilarating, herbal mixture of woody Rosemary with earthy and fresh Eucalyptus. Rosemary is a pick-me-up that stimulates you when you’re tired. Eucalyptus is calming – It is also said to encourage the imagination, so perhaps a good one for those uninspired days!

Mirrors can make rooms appear bigger, way more beautiful and brighter with reflected light. Convex is certainly the word right now when it comes to mirrors, designed to tantalise the eye and reflect the space around. Our gorgeous black and gold framed convex mirror will certainly transform a room into a more intriguing, beautiful space, optimising light and adding a punch of personality…

Sheepskin is one of the most wonderful home accessories available – it adds texture, cosiness, style and it adds comfort! A sheepskin in front of the fire or hung over a chair creates a feeling of nature and warmth. Enliven dining chairs, sofas and benches (or disguise a piece of furniture that has seen better days). I have a rather lovely leather arm chair which sometimes can feel a little cold – an Icelandic sheepskin is perfect for warming it up.

Bring the out doors in (here I go again I hear you cry)! Plants, flowers and foliage wake up any room instantly. It could be branches from the garden, fresh herbs, faux stems, or a bunch of seasonal blooms picked up from the florists. Seriously, if a room doesn’t have some form of greenery, it’s missing something!

Things don’t have to stay the same way forever – little details make all the difference. Recently I repainted a large cupboard to the deepest darkest hue and refreshed the doors with new handles. A neglected piece of furniture transformed to something luxe and sophisticated overnight. New hardware – quirky handles, hooks, can literally turn something dull to droolworthy!

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, pop in and see us or visit our website – jam packed with new stock and ideas…


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