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This week we’ve been assembling a giant wreath for our Christmas window. There’s nothing like the smell of freshly harvested evergreens to get you in the festive spirit!

Wreaths are so easy and fun to make, especially if you understand a few basic techniques first. If you’ve never attempted making your own, we thought we’d share some top tips to get you pointed in the right direction…

To begin, gather together a collection of ingredients. Be sure to include a number of contrasting foliages, unusual textures, evergreens and fun little surprises. Dried flower heads, berries and woody herbs such as rosemary are all wonderful choices to add sparkle to your finished wreath in addition to the more basic evergreen elements.

Next, make up a number of little ingredient bundles and set them aside. These will become the foundation of your wreath. Be sure to place the more basic evergreens on the backside of the bundle and concentrate the more contrasting and unusual elements to the front.

Once you have a small collection of bundles put together, it’s time to get started assembling the wreath. You’ll need to have a wire wreath frame, a spool of green florists wire and a pair of sharp secateurs.

Begin by laying a bundle of greens on the wreath frame and then secure it down with a few wraps of florists wire. Next, moving a few inches down the frame, add your next bundle making sure to keep the ingredients facing the same direction and then secure it down with wire. Continue this process until the entire frame is covered.

When the wreath frame is fully covered with greens, it’s time to add in the special little touches that will really make your finished wreath ‘pop’.

We used berries, eucalyptus and dried artichoke flowers along with fern fronds that we sprayed gold. These specialty elements we clustered together for greater impact then wired them up and attached them throughout the wreath.

Once you have everything securely fastened, primped and fussed with, your wreath is ready to be shared!


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