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From feathery ferns to glossy palms, the houseplant is back – and more beautiful than ever. Hang them high, pot them low and fill your home for an on trend 1970’s vibe!

Macramé is making a comeback too, and we’re getting into the 70’s swing with Knotted Designs collection of hanging plant holders. Designer June Wilson has brought the traditional art of macramé bang up to date. Handmade from natural cotton, these skilfully knotted holders are an easy way to add texture, colour and warmth to a space, and what better way to display our oh-so on-trend houseplants?

Giant Palm Asparagus Fern Snake Plant

This seasons key look is about embracing nature and all its organic shapes and textures. Keep the look contemporary rather than hippie by using a curated mix of plants with interesting architectural shapes and different texture leaves such as multi stem palms, spiky aloes, desert cacti and waxy succulents. Add to the mix a cascading Asparagus Fern or two and feel the fresh and energising mood it instantly adds to your room.

Group foliage plants together to create a stylish statement area – mix up large and small to create a more dynamic display. Use taller plants to fill dead space and soften corners. Choose from leafy Lady Palms, lush green Fiddle Leaf Figs and Horntree Jade plants for instant impact. Team with one of our new contemporary concrete planters and you’ll nail the look in an instant!



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