The Fruits of our Foraging!

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  • The Fruits of our Foraging!

There is so much to love about Autumn: the crisp-as-an-apple mornings, brisk walks through fields filled with huge round bales, crunchy brittle straw underfoot, and, of course, hedgerow foraging and conker hunting. But one of our without-fail favourite aspects of the season is the turning of the leaves. To watch foliage earn its fiery glow is a captivating sight and all the inspiration you need when it comes to updating and refreshing things indoors and out.

We’ve spent the last few weeks travelling up and down the country, searching high and low for new product and fresh new suppliers, along with hunting down some fabulous unique vintage pieces (far more exciting I have to add), to inspire you as the season emerges.

Juxtaposition is key. Pairing vintage with new, rough with smooth, polished with verdigris- often miss matched pieces can create the best kind of balance. Bring glazed urns in and plop a vase filled with eucalyptus inside in place of a plant- the heavenly smell and the beautiful colour will transform an otherwise dark corner. While fur and sheepskin hit the catwalks, introduce it to your home too- add a sheepskin to your leather armchair or wicker stool and bang- you’ve nailed it!

Quick and simple updates transform a space in no time at all- change the handles on a cupboard (some lovely knobs arriving any day), rearrange your shelves, introduce some greenery- ferns such as asparagus and maidenhair are easy to find and inexpensive and instantly elevate a console or coffee table. Our cactus pots with their chalky finish are gorgeously tactile and look stunning overflowing with the fronds of spiney feathery ferns!

Our sublime new fragrances for Autumn – Stem Ginger, Sandalwood and Wild Rhubarb: Ginger is warm and honeyed with a citrus edge to cut through the sweetness. Lemongrass and carraway give this delicious mixture a fragrant spiced edge. Sandlewood, a beauiful blend of mandarin and pink peppercorn with a touch of nutmeg, vetiver and patchouly envelops you into its warm rich notes. Wild Rhubarb we love! From the huge curling leaves and delicate rose pink stems to its sharp astringent flavour, slow cooked with golden sugar and a hint of cardamon…captured in a candle…totally intoxicating!

This is just the start…we can’t wait to indulge your senses and inspire you to fill your space with all we have to offer this season…

Happy foraging!


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