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Having spent the last two years out of my comfort zone of textile design – I have become immersed in Hamish & Kate’s world of beautiful homes & gardens and all that comes with it! From magnificent planters and urns to the most beautifully silvered teak garden furniture. From outdoor lighting to garden mirrors. Vases, candles, garden decorations, sundials, the list is endless. Believe me, it’s been a learning curve…a fabulous one though!

And the inspiration I am surrounded with daily is most certainly rubbing off at home both indoors and out…

We were celebrating in the garden earlier this month as our first shaws of potatoes were dug! Laden with magnificent, waxy, cream potatoes- immediately baked and served with lashings of butter and rosemary, we were in potato heaven. Harvesting of peas and beans isn’t too far off either with tomatoes and peppers looking gorgeous in the greenhouse! The herb garden has taken off, sweet peas continue to flower and flower and beds of Astilbe, Delphinium and trailing Geranium’s have been adding a mass of colour too.

Seating areas have been developed and decorated with various pots and planters, bird finials add a quirky touch to gateposts. My favorite though, some Alexander Rose furniture – it has been flying out the door recently…what is it they say about the early bird? So the garden definitely has begun it’s makeover, although I’m not quite ready to let the boss’ through the gate yet!

The “Henderson’s style” is certainly of influence indoors too. Twinkling candlelight through etched glass votive’s, a variety of mirrors reflecting light and creating space, vases filled with trios of blooms and bunches of fragrant eucalyptus, the scent of True Grace’s Wild Mint, delicious fragrances from Savon De Marseille, even a vegetable brush for the afore mentioned tatties!

So as we move closer to the end of a long and abundant summer dare I say our thoughts begin to move to autumn – we’re heading off around the country in search of new and exciting pieces to add to our stock. I can hardly wait to update you on our finds…

But until then, come and pay us a visit – immerse yourself into the world of Henderson’s. You’re sure to be inspired, it’s impossible not to be!


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