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The weather has been amazing over recent weeks and it shows in the garden, suddenly blooms are out and the scent of elderflower, rose and sweet pea is in the air. So yesterday we pottered around ‘open gardens’ in the sunshine, had a super long dog walk by the river, ending the day with lamb on the barbecue which I marinated in herbs and a beer or two, heavenly!

So with the hope that this warm weather continues, I thought I would write a few words on gardens- I don’t mean plant wise but furniture and accessories wise. Summer living begins with creating an inspired outdoor space. I think we all need to be a tad more inventive- easy for me to say I here you cry and yes it is, we immerse ourselves in all things ‘garden inspired’ every day but a degree of it comes from thinking outside of the box. For instance we’ve upturned galvanized dolly tubs and used them as coffee tables and combined them with cool glossy glazed stools. Flowers are plopped into tea-light votives and scattered on garden tables. Tall Moroccan style lanterns nestle among ferns. We’ve got chairs everywhere creating interesting spaces for different times of the day- under the bamboo, a twosome by the summerhouse, another couple of loungers by the sliding doors where the sun rests at G & T time…

Our furniture is a mixture of aged super luxe lounging and vintage weathered pieces collected over the years. Plant pots are big vintage galvanized numbers or bleached terracotta, filled with architectural planting such as contorted Hazel and Japanese Maple, grasses, herbs and scented perennial’s.

The more layers, three dimensional little vignettes you create the more interesting your space becomes. We’ve just bought a fabulous pair of old French doors for the shop (or maybe not if I get my way), complete with original hinged glass panels that sit behind decorative ironwork. I simply couldn’t resist them…a perfect focal point to dress an outdoor wall. We’re toying with the idea of replacing the glass with mirrors. Garden mirrors are fab as they can triple your sense of space and reflect the light in a shady corner- the trick is to accessorize them by growing climbers up and around to soften the edges, plant tall glossy ferns or position pots below filled with tall wispy grasses and verbena…prairie style- my latest obsession!

So, over the next few weeks indulge in what makes your outdoor space personal to you, think outside the box and experiment with furniture and accessories! And if you get the chance enjoy some of the open gardens in your area… use them for inspiration and indulge your senses with the fabulous colour and fragrance of the season.

Happy days!


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