Spring Fever

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  • Spring Fever

The new year is upon us and Spring feels like it’s just around the corner. After some much needed downtime we’re refreshed, re-energized and ready to hit 2014 running!

With the mild Winter it feels like Spring’s almost here. It’s in the air at least, and even though the skies are still heavy and dark there is a feeling of fresh beginnings. Soon, slubby woollen throws and cushions can be packed away and lighter, brighter accessories can be brought in to change ones space.

One way to jolly it along is to bring the outdoors in. Flowers make a huge difference to any room, brightening, tantalising and adding pops of colour. Rooms at home are filled with Hyacinth bulbs right now, their clusters of small star like flowers fill the house with scent- totally intoxicating when you walk through the front door! Pruned branches from fruit trees such as cherry, apple and quince can be brought indoors for forcing too. Split the ends of the woody stems, stand them in water in a warm room and watch the silvery furry buds unfold and blossom open- gorgeously simple.

Bring in the odd bit of outdoor furniture- a metal table to display vases filled with narcissus stems, helleborus or tulips. Fill glass votive with Hyacinth or Snowdrops… they’re the perfect size and don’t just have to be for t-lights!

I love changing my space for Spring and I don’t mean replacing furniture or re-decorating, just re-arranging and changing the balance within a room. However, the temptation to purchase the odd little votive here, a new vase there or perhaps sample one of our new spring fragrances (which have just arrived in store may I add) is always too great an opportunity to miss…cannot wait!


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