A little ingenuity and planning...

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  • A little ingenuity and planning...

Tis the season for letter boxes overflowing with invitations; list upon list of gift ideas for family and friends. Ever attentive, you’ll surf the net for ideas and present your hosts this festive season with a sweet little something, no?

While a bottle of wine is always welcome, we think clever pairings are the way to go…one part DIY ingenuity and one part nifty gift. Each one is sure to score you a return invitation to every fabulous party and family gathering.

Giving of oneself and ones time feels good, and in a world often said to be divided between those who spend money in order to save time and those who spend time in order to save money, our time is still seen as the ultimate luxury. So, a little combined thinking, a theme and some knowledge of what’s on your doorstep can save time, money AND inspire an endless list of possibilities…

Hyacinth Scented candle Replicate the scent of this gorgeous candle with Hyacinth bulbs planted in time to flower over the festive season.

vintage cork screw A vintage cork screw, French wine glasses and a bottle of red- always a winner.

mango wood board A gorgeous mango wood cheese board combined with a baby stilton and homemade chilli jam.

tea cosy Afternoon tea essentials: a quirky tea cosy, polka dot pinnie and of course, Christmas cake!

tea towels And colourful tea towel- they always make cleaning up all the merrier…

So there you have it, a few ideas for an eclectic list of paired pressies- once you get started, the list just grows and grows…just hope that your friends read this post too!


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